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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 29, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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businessman herman cain gaining momentum nationwide, also raising the fortune of other candidates following the florida debate and his straw poll win down in florida, catapulting him in some new polls. and what a difference a month makes. look at this. in late august cain only held 6% of the republican vote. today he is third, just two percentage points behind former front runner rick perry and five points shy of the new leader, mitt romney. newt gingrich also climbing dramatically in the newest numbers. campaign carl cameron is our chief political correspondent, he's live in boston. carl, herman cain must be a happy man today. >> reporter: they're thrilled. in fact, the campaign says they are receiving more money and online contributions now than at any time during their entire campaign, including their announcement. several hundred thousand dollars a day, they say, and insofar as the third quarter fundraising period closes on the last day of this month, the timing's pretty
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good for the georgia businessman. organizationally, he's not quite as strong as the front runners, in fact, not even close. he's got about 40 staffers, and that would barely staff the headquarters of a mitt romney or a rick perry. but he'll be busy in the next couple of days. he's going to wrap up this week with all thatoney paying a visit to jay leno on the tonight show, the type of star turn you would expect for somebody who's been surging in the polls. cain recognizes -- megyn: don't forget on "america live" a couple of days ago. >> reporter: absolutely. that's a huge, huge boost, megyn, and that's why the candidates are clamoring to get on the show with you. [laughter] megyn: wait, let me ask you this, and there's another winner in this poll, and that's mitt romney who had front runner status for a short time, and then rick perry bumped him out of it. he's back on top. >> reporter: well, listen, the story of herman cain's ascent is the other side of a coin that talks about rick perry's
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descent. the perform in the de-- the performance b in the debate, his disappointment in the straw poll in florida is really an illustration of how it is that mr. cain has benefited so directly. romney has run the slow and steady tortoise campaign. he's been hovering in the low 20%, he's been raising more money than the rest of the candidates and trying to avoid the scrutiny of a front runner. herman cain and rick perry, rick perry has experienced the bright lights and how it can singe one. herman cain's going to get a little bit of that scrutiny now. the bigger question is not whether or not he can dominate the national pollings, but how this will effect him in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina, the first voting states. worth noting that there's a new poll out in florida that suggests cain has now moved into second place behind romney and is now beating rick perry, at least this florida. turning all of this momentum and buzz into boots on the ground, grassroots organizations and millions of dollars to win is the challenge before herman cain
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as well as newt gingrich. and for that they've got a little bit over three months before the first votes are cast. megyn: yeah. gingrich is up as well, now at 11%, and the voters clearly responding to his positive message. he's been loathe to attack other republicans, just wants to attack president obama and the media, and the voters seem to like it a lot. carl, thanks. well, the entire republican field is likely watching very closely today as a bit of a civil war breaks out between a half dozen states over the dates of the upcoming gop primaries. now, this matters even if you're not in these states because this can effect who's going to get the nomination. the key battleground state of florida is now considering moving its primary a month earlier so it would hit on january 31st and would be first in the nation, at least on the calendar. the outcome of that decision, some argue, could determine who runs against president obama on the gop ticket in 2012. traditionally, iowa, new hampshire, nevada and south carolina hold their contests
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first, and they are not going to cede that honor to florida. so if florida moves up its primary date, then those states will effectively be forced to move their votes ahead of florida. we're talking mid or even early january. the final decision in florida about when they're going to hold that primaris supposed to come tomorrow, right about this time of day, so we will have that breaking news for you tomorrow, 1 p.m. we hope. and the white house responding sharply to a new attack from the governor who says he is not running for president. chris christie of new jersey at an event in california earlier this week harshly criticizing president obama's leadership role in the white house. take a listen. >> and still we continue to wait and hope that our president will finally stop being a bystander in the oval office. megyn: well, white house press secretary jay carney took note of those comments yesterday, delivering his comeback to
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christie during the briefing. we'll play that for you and debate it bottom of the hour. a group of massachusetts lawmen are furious and threatening to revolt against the governor of the bay state over the issue of illegal immigration. governor deval patrick is refusing to participate in the federal secure communities program that reports illegal immigrants to federal authorities who can check their backgrounds against criminal records to see if they are, you know, wanted for crimes. the sheriffs say that policy is leading to cases like this one, the arrest of ec what dorian native nicholas gman. he stands charged in the drunk driving death of a recent college grad, matthew denise. police say this 23-year-old was riding his motorbike when a plastered guman blew a stop sign before plowing over denise in his truck. they will never forget the blood-curdling screams as he was
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dragged. denise's devastated parents belief their son's death did not have to happen. >> i'm just consumed, consumed with heartbreak. >> the sadness now and the anger of, you know, how this, how many different ways this could have all been prevented. megyn: trace gallagher has more on that. trace? >> reporter: you know, megyn, several massachusetts sheriffs now say they are ready for a high noon showdown with governor deval patrick over immigration enforcement. governor patrick has come out against the secure communities act, the program that would allow law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of those who are already in jail. well, patrick calls that a publicity stunt, and the sheriffs call his statement outrageous. listen to them. >> it's no secret that based on the kinds of benefits that people are able to access here that, um, much like terror is, they're looking for the place to
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go where nobody's going to notice them. and if we're sending out a message that this is where you can, basically, come, and we're not going to pay much focus to your status, well, it's no wonder we're run into the kind of problems we are. >> reporter: so now the sheriffs a using a longstanding federal program called 287g. they actually send their deputies to be trained as immigration agents so then they would legally be able to check the immigration status of those in jail. and this is all because of a rash of high-profile crimes allegedly by illegal immigrants including a brazilian man arrested for stabbing a 24-year-old woman to death, this happened in marshfield, mass, just south of boston. cops are arresting a three-time-deported man named edward torres on his sixth arrest for driving under the influence, and an ec ecuadoran n who fled to the united states after killing a mother and her
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child and, of course, the big case, the matthew denise case. he's the one who was hit by a car, dragged more than a quarter of a mile, a hit and run by an illegal immigrant who police say was drunk at the time and had a young child with him. here now is deval patrick followed by denise's mom. play it. >> well, i said before, you know, we need comprehensive immigration retomorrow. but i think we also need to be careful not to paint too broad a brush. >> we had, like, the perfect storm here with this situation. i mean, if one of those factors had been different, my son would still be here. if we had the secure community act, this person would have been deported. >> reporter: by the way, it's supposed to go into effect in massachusetts in 2013, but they're getting a lot of pushback from iide massachusetts even, megyn, from dhs which has some internal reports that says too many illegals are deported who are not convicted of crimes to which
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massachusetts senator scott brown said, well, they're illegal, aren't they? megyn: that one will be ongoing. trace gallagher, thank you. >> reporter: okay. megyn: fox news alert now, we are hearing dramatic testimony this hour there a key witness in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's personal physician. dr. conrad murray. right now jackson's former head of security describing the scene as jackson's children watched dr. murray frantically struggling to revive their father. adam houseley live outside of the courthouse in los angeles. adam? >> reporter: yeah, megyn, alberto alvarez really laying out the case for the prosecution. he began his testimony this morning right when court began at 8:45 local time. he's still on the stand. that testimony you talked about, the first part of some gripping testimony he's given so far. as he walked in the room, the first person to walk in and see dr. murray with one hand on jackson's chest and the children behind him, take a listen. >> would he have been, actually,
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looking slightly toward paris' location? >> yes, sir. >> did you, at that time, escort the children out? or indicate to them to go out of the roomsome. >> yes, sir. dr. conrad murray said don't let, don't let them see their dad hike this. don't let them see their dad like this. and i reeded to turn around to the children -- proceeded to turn around to the children and kind of ushered them out and said, kids, don't worry, we'll take care of it, everything is going to be okay. and i walked them out towards the, um, the landing area, towards the front door. >> reporter: now, at times alvarez has teared up during this testimony, also dr. murray has teared up as well during this testimony recounting what happened that day. later on in the testimony, megyn, alberto alvarez, the same bodyguard, says that dr. murray told him to put some of the vials and some of the medication into be a bag. that's a part of the testimony that's taking place right now,
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and that's where the prosecution claims dr. murray trying to cover up the fact that he was giving jackson these drugs. that's, again, part of their argument, that he was grossly negligent in his care for the king of pop. back to you. megyn: adam, thank you. and keep in mind, folks, it all comes down to the arguments in this case of one side, the prosecution, saying that dr. murray gave michael jackson this terribly powerful drug, proposefall, which they normally give you before they knock you out before surgery in the hospital and was innocent in monitoring it, went on to make a cell phone call, gave him too much of it, and the guy died. and michael jackson -- i'm sorry, murray's defense team saying, no, michael jackson gave it to himself, he administered the drug himself, and if anybody's to blame it was, essentially, jackson. coming up in kelly's court, we're going to have all the latest on this case including today's key testimony. we're going to have the most
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relevant excerpts, we'll play those for you and break it down, kelly's court today. republicans have an excellent chance of regaining control of the senate in 2012. in three minutes, we'll show you the one thing that could stop them. plus, a medical drama for a group of doctors met in the emergency room by a patientith a live grenade in her face. the doctors having to decide whether to leave it alone or take it out, risking the chance that it will explode during surgery. we'll show you this incredible story. don't miss this. plus, the white house and ford motors denying reports that the obama administration pressured the automaker into pulling an ad that criticizes the government's auto bailouts. we'll talk to the star of that commercial and ask him what he thinks is going on. >> was buying american important to you? >> i wasn't going to buy another car that was bailed out by our government. i was going to buy from a
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megyn: there is some new analysis out today saying that the odds favor the republicans to take the senate in next year's 2012 elections. here with their top three races to watch, two gentlemen who are no slouches when it comes to political prognosticating, fox news digital politics editor, chris stirewalt, host of "power play," and former clinton pollster doug schoen. all right, guys, this report is basically that it was no mystery that the republicans stood a decent chance of taking back the white house. we'll see how that plays out. most are saying they have a decent chance of holding the house, and now there are more and more reports there's a decent chance they will retake the senate because there are 23 democratic seats up for grabs, just ten republican seats up for grabs, and there are only two republican seats considered competitive whereas almost
10:17 am
three-quarters of those democratic seats are considered competitive. so that's the landscape. but i want to talk specifics. chris, let's talk turkey, all right? which states do you think the democrats are the most vulnerable this when it comes to the senate seats? >> well, i think far and away montana, senator john tester, he's a freshmanment of it's a conservative -- he's a freshman. it's a conservative state, but in 2006 like a lot of his fellow democrats he got elected on an anti-war, anti-bush platform. but unlike some of his fellow democrats, he is actually liberal. he supported the president on his health care law and other things, so he doesn't have much wiggle room there. he's facing, most likely, a republic who's been elected statewide, denny reberg, since 2000 as they're at-large member of congress. he seems like he's got a very good chance of -- megyn: you're looking at montana, you're also looking at missouri. >> claire mccaskill in missouri has problems because
10:18 am
she was an early endorser of obama. she has two tough republican opponents. and the third one, and this is kind of my oddball here, this is ohio which is going to be a tough race, but i think the republicans have a very good chance of picking this up because incumbent senator sherrod brown, again, probably more liberal than the state. megyn: and, doug, you've got three different picks. >> i do. megyn: fist one's -- first one's north dakota, why? >> north dakota is a lock democrats really don't have a strong candidate, and the state is overwhelmingly republican, all of its constitutional officers and the president will almost certainly lose handily there. so i think you can put that into the republican column pretty safely. megyn: how about, okay, the next one is nebraska for you. >> yeah. ben nelson has gone against the tide there for the time he's been in the senate. problem is he voted for health care. bush won the state by over 30 points, mccain by 15 points.
10:19 am
and with nelson now polling under 40% in trial heats, tough to see him getting reelected. megyn: it was like the cornhuskers kickback that he was excoriated for during the health care debate, and ben nelson who had been everywhere on cable news, he was always very, very easy to get, he would show up on every channel, after that he's gone underground. i'm not sure if he's even in washington at all. >> his numbers in nebraska, megyn, haven't improved at all. megyn: virginia, your third pick. why? >> that's my oddball, to go along with chris. a state barack obama did win narrowly, the president is now under 40% there, he's losing by seven points to mitt romney. tim cain is facing off -- tim kaine is facing off with george allen. allen is up by two or three points, but kaine is locked at the hip with obama as his former dnc chairman, and given that the
10:20 am
economy in the state is in rotten shape, i think people are going to have buyers' neglect vis-a-vis the president. i think that's going to be a republican pickup. megyn: let me ask you this because the republicans need to get three or four depending on whether they win control. and the question is, what could stop them? since the odds are in their favor, you've outlined the key races for them, what could stop them? according to the political prognosticators like yourselves that i've read, they say it could be nominating candidates that are too far to the right like we saw with christine o'donnell in delaware who many people believe cost the gop that seat that went democrat. chris? >> the classes are pretty good so far, the republicans aren't making that mistake. the thing i would look out for if i were them would be scandal on behalf of incumbents, difficulty with retirements or something that puts more seat into play that currently look like safe republican. megyn: doug? is. >> yeah, two answers. you have a divided primary in nebraska, nelson squeaks through
10:21 am
with a tea party candidate. but also if elizabeth warren beats scott brown in massachusetts, that could upset some of the arithmetic. megyn: all right, guys. thank you for the preview. it's interesting. >> you bet. megyn: chris christie insists that he is not running for president, but he's not giving the current president a pass on his performance. >> and still we continue to wait and hope that our president will finally stop being a bystander in the oval office. megyn: just ahead, the white house responding to that directly and what it means for the president's re-election effort. plus, an american engineer arrested for an alleged plot to bomb washington, d.c. landmarks. new detail on his elaborate plan, three minutes awayment [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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megyn: we're getting some new details this afternoon in the wake of an arrest of an american in a sophisticated plot to bomb the pentagon and the u.s. capitol using remote-controlled planes. the fbi picking up a 26-year-old muslim man in massachusetts who graduated from a prestigious college with a degree in physics. jennifer griffin has more live at the pentagon. jennifer? >> reporter: well, megyn, the federal authorities that i've spoken to say the public was never in any danger from the plastic explosives that were provide today the alleged attacker. his name was rezwan ferdaus, a 26-year-old student, um, in massachusetts. he was picked up at a framingham warehouse yesterday after a sting operation that lasted more than a year. according to the affidavit, ferdaus traveled to washington in may to take photographicker is -- surveillance pictures of the pentagon and capitol. he plan today fly these drones into the pentagon and capitol
10:26 am
according to the affidavit. this f-86 remote-controlled toy plane can be bought online for less than $200, but some experts say they most likely would have exploded on takeoff, and authorities don't think the plan had much chance of succeeding. but, they say, they have enough taped material to show a vicious intent. ferdaus was 26 years old, he graduated from massachusetts northeastern university where he studied physics, so he had an engineering background that helped him transform cell phones into bomb detonators. he lived with his parents for 14 years, he was in a rock band, he played drums for a rock band called silk road. this picture is from his myspace be page. he was american, he was a u.s. citizen and wanted to carry out the attack which included ak-47s and six other attackers. here's what a former roommate had to say. >> he lived here for a couple years, we had our times, and he went on his merry way. >> reporter: when he bought
10:27 am
this f-86 saber online, he used an alias, he used the alias dave winfield so, obviously, he was a baseball fan. megyn? megyn: jennifer, thank you. well, the murder trial that gripped the world, we are now learning when we will hear from amanda knox and when you will hear the final verdict in her appeal. that is right after this break. plus, the story of how carla flores ended up with a grenade lodged in her face is absolutely horrifying. but the story of what doctors had to do to save her life without killing themselves will be one of the most gripping things you hear all day. and tea party members are called everything from racists to terrorists. a group of republican voters in a key state tell pollster frank luntz what they think about that. >> human -- how many of you consider yourselves supporters of the tea party, raise your hands? ladies and gentlemen, this is the face of the tea party. are you terrorists?
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10:32 am
greg burk is streaming live to us from italy. greg, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, megyn, that's right. you know, we are finally going to see this, it's been such a long trial. it began in november, the judge saying the verdict will be on monday. amanda also expected to speak on monday right before the jury retires. now, you can only imagine what is all this means for amanda knox right now, for her family, also for her co-defendant, her former italian boyfriend in the original trial. amanda was sentenced to 26 years in prison, her boyfriend to 25 years. now, this time around the prosecutors have upped the ante, they're actually asking for life sentences. but today lawyers for amanda knox ripping apart the prosecution's case. they said the sentence was income prehence and deeply flawed. they said the investigation was riddled with errors, especially pointing out the problems with the dna evidence. there had been a review of the dnark, and that's why the appeal
10:33 am
has looked pretty good for amanda. now, amanda's father says that she is understandably nervous. >> we visited her yesterday, and she was rather anxious. but it was also the first time all four of my daughters have been together for two years. so that was nice. >> reporter: megyn, you know, there's something very ironic here. amanda came here expecting to learn italian at university, hanging out with her italian friend. she speaks italian very well, but she ended up learning it in prison. megyn? megyn: greg, thank you. well, the white house is responding sharply to a new attack from the governor who says he is not running for president. chris christie at an event in california earlier this week harshly criticizing president obama's leadership role. take a listen. >> and still we continue to wait and hope that our president will
10:34 am
finally stop being a bystander in the oval office. we hope that he will shake off the paralysis that has made it impossible for him to take on the really big things that are so obvious to all americans and to a watching and anxious world. yes, we hope, we hope. because each and every time the president lets a moment to act pass him by, his failure is our failure too. megyn: well, white house press secretary jay carney took note of those comments yesterday delivering his comeback to christie during the white house press briefing. before we get to that, let's bring in simon rosenberg and former clinton campaign advisers and rich lowry, editor of the national review and a fox news contributor. gentlemen, thank you. >> good to be here. megyn: jay carney was asked about this at the press briefing, and here is how he responded in part. >> and i would just say in
10:35 am
general that in the two and a half years that barack obama's been president it's simply, i mean, it has been one of the most substantial periods in our history in terms of the seriousness of the challenges we've faced, the enormity of the crises and the potential of even worse crises that this president faced and took head on. i mean, this is, there were no bystanders in this white house. gyn: is that true, rich? >> no. not really. i thought, megyn, that christie's speech was the most devastating critique of president obama i've heard exactly because it focused on this issue of leadership and honed right in on the cynical strategy this white house has had over the last year or so of letting republicans go first on the budgetary issues and on entitlements and never offering anything serious on their own. here we have a president of the united states who says in his own words that these entitlements are unsustainable,
10:36 am
the debt is unsustainable and will not offer anything serious or plausible to address them. christie absolutely nailed him on this. megyn: simon, can you speak to that? when you look at what president obama has accomplished during his term as president, and it's a long list, but it doesn't -- it's not a long list when it comes to attacking the deaf it and creating jobs -- deficit and creating jobs. >> well, we do have to cover what the list is really quickly, right? we were this a deep recession and a financial crisis, we're not anymore. he helped save the auto industry, the health care system is better, we've made the financial system more consumer-friendly, the border is safer today. it's an extraordinary set of things that have been done by this president. this has been a very vigorous, very engaged presidency. we're winding down the wars in iraq and afghanistan. but i think, but i think that he will, ultimately, be judged on what happens with the economy. so even though there has been tremendous progress in a lot of other very important areas, what is, i think, a fair critique is that if he doesn't get the
10:37 am
economy back in shape next year, he's going to have a hard time being reelected. but certainly, the idea that he's been a bystander is silly, and maybe it's a good thing that chris christie isn't running for president. megyn: what about that, rich? there was an interesting article in slate where the author wrote, you know, the republicans can't say he's a socialist and has injected government in every turn and then turn around and say he's a bystander. which is it? >> sure. well, look, there have been two phases. the first two years, yes, there were a lot of legislative accomplishments, the most important of them was health care which really had nothing to do with fixing the economy, had nothing to do with fixing entitlements or the budget, in fact, made that picture look worse, but was an important ideological and political goal. and for about a year he focused on that as the economy continued to stagnate. now, the last year he hasn't had a democratic house, so he just can't push through his ideological dreams anymore. he really has to act in a bipartisan manner to really
10:38 am
grapple with the nation's problems. and that's where he's entirely been a bystander and entirely pursued a vaporous and cynical strategy. megyn: simon s there no legitimate criticism of the president on his unwillingness to tackle the hard issues related to the deficit, to not lead when it comes to that and to not lead when it comes to bawnlt and to wait until now to come out with this big jobs plan? >> megyn, the only candidate running for president right now who's actually cut entitlement spending has been barack obama. there was hundreds of billions of dollars. >> and what did he use it to do? >> let me finish, rich. hundreds of billions of dollars cut out of medicare in the health care plan that was passed in 2010. and the reason we know that is because the republicans ran ads in the every democratic race in the country attacking the democrats for cutting medicare. megyn: what has he done on social security? >> the notion, this idea that somehow he's the only person who's actually reduced entitlement spending many this country, rich. >> he plowed it all into a new,
10:39 am
even more unsustainable entitlement in the form of obamacare. so that was shot, those weren't medicare cuts to put medicare on a sounder footing, they were cuts entirely to try to make the numbers add up enough to get obamacare through congress. and like every other health care -- [inaudible conversations] megyn: let me shift gears because -- [inaudible conversations] megyn: let me ask you this, simon. for not tackling social security which his current plan does not do, why hasn't he led on that which is such an elephant in the living room? >> look, there are three easy ways to cut the deficit, right? cut defense, reform medicare, raise taxes. the president has proposed -- megyn: what about social security? why aren't you mentioning that? >> the republicans are opposing two out of those three things. the president has been much more serious about deficit reduction than the republican party over these last couple years. >> oh, that's absurd. >> the plan that he's proposing actually could get enacted, and to go back to what rich said, this notion that the president didn't cut medicare, why --
10:40 am
>> no, simon, you're missing my point. you're missing my point. you're missing my point. he did cut medicare. by $500 billion or so. and what did he do with that money? did he say, that's what we're going to use to save medicare with and make it more sustainable over time? no. he immediately turned around and spent it on a new entitlement. we already have three unsustainable entitlements, and he created two more in obamacare. so he put the nation's fiscal health at even greater risk. that's what he cut medicare for. megyn: all right, guys. >> by the way, rich, obviously, that's your opinion -- >> no, that is not my opinion, that's a fact. >> many other people have scored, for example, the omb -- the cbo doesn't agree with you, rich. megyn: all right. [inaudible conversations] gotta leave it at that. cbo doesn't agree with rich, and neither does simon. >> when the cbo disagrees with me, it's always wrong. [laughter] megyn: thanks, guys. brightening new information about this listeria breakout.
10:41 am
a huge crop of cantaloupes infected with the bacteria pulled from the shelves almost two weeks ago, but it takes some time, some time, in fact, it takes months for symptoms to appear if you've had this infection. we'll tell you what to watch out for. and hollywood's hottest couple reportedly ready to split. new information on the alleged other woman behind ashton and demi's demise. the white house and ford motors denying reports that the obama administration pressured the automaker into pulling an ad criticizing the government's auto bailouts. we'll talk to the star of this commercial and ask him to tell us what he thinks is going on here next right after this break. >> i wasn't going to buy any other car that was bailed out by our government. i was going to buy from a manufacturer that's standing on their own, win, lose or draw. we're america's natural gas
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with new extra-strength bayer advanc aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain ice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin. megyn: fox news alert, the state department releasing a statement now on a christian pastor in the iran condemned to die for his
10:45 am
faith. the department saying a decision to impose the death penalty will demonstrate iran's disregard for religious freedom. owe receive is the pastor of a 400-member christian church in iran. he was arrested for protesting the islamic education of his son. then an iranian court sentenced him to die for refusing to denounce his religion. his attorney says there is a 95% chance this sentence will be overturned, but human rights advocates warn that even if execution is stopped, he could still serve a long prison sentence. well, we first brought you this story a couple of weeks ago right here on "america live." ford motors getting attention with a new ad featuring a real car buyer who said he bought ford because it was the one american car company that was not bailed out by the feds. here's that ad. >> i'm kristin. >> kristin, hi. >> we're going to head on in to the interview. [inaudible conversations]
10:46 am
♪ muck. >> was buying american important to you? is. >> i wasn't going to be any other car that was bailed out from our government. i was going to buy from a manufacturer that's standing on their own. win, lose or draw. that's what america's about, is taking the chance to succeed and understanding when you fail, you've got pick yourself up and go back to work. ford is that company for me. megyn: we then got word a few day ago that ford pulled the ad after complaints from the white house. now both the car maker and the administration are saying there was no pressure for ford to do so. well, we wanted to talk with chris mcdaniel. he's the star of that commercial and a real-live person as opposed to an actor. [laughter] chris, i say that because i wondered whether you were an actor when we aired the ad. you say it was all genuine, you didn't know you were going to be in a commercial. you got called in to talk about your truck, the next thing you know they say, you know what? this is a commercial, can we air it?
10:47 am
and you said -- >> absolutely. it was funny, because i watched your interview with steve moore, and i was like, no, megyn, i'm really not an actor. i just am a guy who bought an f150 truck. >> so when you were giving the reasons for why you bought ford, that was genuine. it wasn't a script. >> yeah, that question came up about 45 minutes into the conversation in which they were just asking me about my truck generally speaking. and no script, no one asked me to say anything specifically. i said what i believe in my heart, and i believe millions of other americans share the same sentiment which is what is the proper role and responsibility of government. and i don't think our government today is leading us in that direction. megyn: i know you yourself have suffered hard times in this financial crisis, i know your wife lost her job, you lost your house, the irs audited you. nonetheless, you don't believe in a government handout. >> megyn, the only way we're
10:48 am
going to survive is to persevere and to start putting things in our lives that are, that are important to us. you know, when all of this happened, i had to start packing a lunch instead of going out to restaurants that i enjoyed eating at when i was working. so that brown bag that i took to work was a compromise that i made so that i could save money that was necessary for my family to make it through the struggles. my only request is to the government is to say at what point in time can you guys start packing a brown bag and bringing your lunch to work and stop buying $16 muffins that i don't get to eat. megyn: well put, chris. let me ask is you this, the white house is denying that it pressured ford to pull the ad. the ford folks are denying that it was pressure, that they were pressured to pull the ad. when asked at least by columnist michelle malkin whether they contacted, whether the white house contacted ford about the ad, they refused to answer, and the detroit news is, in fact,
10:49 am
reporting that the ad was pulled in response to white house questions. so there is an open question about whether the white house called ford be and complained -- ford and complained about this ad in the first place. what do you think? >> i, ford has a reasonable explanation that the ad ran, its campaign value, and they're moving on to other ads. however, the detroit news story is not, they're not backing away from the story. and the old saying goes, when there's smoke, there's fire. whether or not ford, you know, bended to the questioning and said, you know, let's just go ahead and move on or not, the point is, is it the responsibility of the administration to stifle free speech? myself as an american? i should be able to say whatever i want about my faith, about my family, about who i want to spend my money with and where i want to invest my capital.
10:50 am
and be i don't think it's the responsibility and the proper role of government to be putting the squeeze on any company regardless of their position in the, on a subject like this. megyn: chris mcdaniel, all the best to you and your family. thank you so much for being here. >> i appreciate it, megyn. thankou. megyn: see you soon. well, a woman now called a living miracle after surviving a live grenade lodged between her jaws. how doctors and nurses risked their lives to extract this bomb and save them all. you have to see this story, and it's next. [ male announcer ] it's a fact: your nutritional needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery. proper nutrition can help you get back on your feet. three out of four doctors recommend the ensure brand for extra nutrition. ensure clinical strength has revigor and thirteen grams of protein to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. and immune balance to help support your immune system.
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ensure clinical strength... helping you to bounce back. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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10:53 am
megyn: well, day one for enforcing america's toughest new immigration law. which we have coming up in a
10:54 am
moment. hold on a second. hold on. getting something else in my ear. [laughter] all right, it's a different story. this is the story that we told you about before the break, and you need to hear about it. down in mexico there is a woman who wound up with a live grenade lodged in the her mouth. look at this. she's sitting in a café down in mexico when all hell broke loose. trace gallagher picks up the story from there. trace? >> reporter: because really it's the story of the week, megyn. she was actually selling seafood in the northern part of mexico, and she hears a loud bang, and then something hits her in the face. it knocks her down, and she reaches up, and she feels blood, and then she passes out. she's rushed to the hospital, and then she gets there and tells doctors she believes that a rock hit her in the face. they take a closer look, they take an x-ray, it's not a rock, it's a grenade lodged between her upper and lower jaw. she was shot by a grenade launcher.
10:55 am
it embedded, but it did not explode. they evacuate the hospital knowing if it goes off, it kills everyone within 0 feet. carla flores is then isolated. the clock is ticking, and none of the doctors want to operate on her. finally, the head surgeon asks for volunteers, they get four of them. two anesthesiologists, one nurse and one surgeon. they take her out in the middle of a field, and they set up this m.a.s.h. unit, a mobile hospital. this surgeon takes four hours trying to carve around this explosive device. they finally got it, took it away and detonated it. carla flores, as you can see, has some very bad scarring, she's going to need more surgery, but she is alive, and there are no suspects still in who shot this, they believe, the zeta cartel. but what an amazing story down in mexico. megyn: it's incredible. and you have to tip your hat to those brave doctors and nurses who when others would not help, said i'll do it out in the
10:56 am
middle of a field operating to save this woman's life. >> reporter: and everybody watched from, like, 100 yards back, wouldn't even get close to it except for these doctors. four hours. can you imagine your hands? megyn: no. they department have to do it, and they did it. that shows real character and courage. trace, thank you. >> reporter: okay. megyn: good for them. well, a federal judge green lights the toughest state law in the country on illegal immigration. police can now detain illegal immigrants without proper id at traffic stops, schools must do immigration checks. but in three minutes, see why the whole thing could come to a screeching halt any moment now. plus, a democratic governor says she was just kidding, well, she says the hyperbole when she says we should suspend congressional elections for a few years until the jobs crisis is over. listen to the tape, and you decide if this was hyperbole or not. u noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios...
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megyn: america's toughest new immigration law has just taken
11:00 am
effect and there are desperate attempts to slam the braiks on the new rule. a federal judge ruling in favor of big parts of alabama's state mandate. it requires police to check the citizenship status of suspected illegal immigrants during routine traffic stops and detain them if they don't have proper i.d. the justice department challenged the law but it got the green light including ublic schools.ecks for students >> reporter: the immigration battle heating up between the states and the feds. yesterday's ruling sparked a protest of the university of alabama by those who feel the alabama law goes too far, it's too strict. they are is what's upheld and what was put on hold by a federal judge. police can and in some cases
11:01 am
must question those suspected of being undocumented and hold them without bond and officials can check the immigration status of students in school and the status of their parents. but other parts of the law were blocked pending a final ruling. that would bar undocumented immigrants from seeking work, getting rides with citizens of those here legally and from attending a state college. the lieutenant governor is happy with the outcome. >> those parts that were upheld we have the strongest immigration law in this country. i believe that all sections of our law will be upheld on appeal. >> reporter: one appeal could come from the obama administration which claims the federal government alone is responsible for immigration policy. yesterday the president addressed that issue, but not specifically the alabama law. here is what he said then. >> our enforcement priority is
11:02 am
not to chase down young people who are going to school and who are following all the other laws and are trying to make contributions to society. >> reporter: an appeal is expected from civil rights advocates. one group said in a statement, quote, today is a dark day for alabama. this decision not only places alabama on the wrong side of history, but demonstrates the rights and freedoms so fundamental to our nation and its history can be manipulated by hate and political agendas." they say it will lead to racial profiling and a violation of civil rights. megyn: arizona made it a crime for illegal immigrants to be in the state. that law requires all illegal immigrants to carry registration documents and outlaws the hiring, transportation or harboring of illegal immigrants. utah established a temporary
11:03 am
guest worker program. it requires them to submit to a background check and. georgia prohibits any activity including employment or voting and denied access of public benefits. indiana allows officers to check the status of anyone suspected in being involved in an aggravated felony and south carolina allow police to check immigration status during routine traffic stops. we have an exclusive look from a letter from a group of business lead towards congressional super committee. they are putting pressure on the committee to cut the federal debt by far more than the $1.5 trillion mandated by congress. ed henry broke the story. >> reporter: it's about 150 business groups coming together
11:04 am
led by heavyweights by the u.s. chamber of commerce, the national association of manufacturers urging the super committee on capitol hill which has been slow to act, and they are saying go big, go much further than the $1.2 to $1.5 trillion. they do not put a number on it in this letter. but i'm told by a senior official close to these groups that they are urging the super committee to come up with $4 trillion in deficit cuts. it's much further than anyone necessary town is talking about right now and it would mean deep cuts to entitlements, more than democrats said they want. it's also saying they want to put major tax reform on the table, maybe more so than republican leaders want. that's why one member of the committee, chris van hollen says he's sceptical that both sides can come together. >> i have always been in the
11:05 am
camp hoping that we could go big with an overarching agreement that tackles these issues. i don't know if we'll be able to get there or not. time will tell. blue is a seriousness of fur among members of the committee to work very hard between now and our short deadline to get the job done. >> reporter: jay carney was asked about this letter a few moments ago an was cautious about whether he believes the super committee can come up with such a big deal. but he was a lot more bullish about the president's jobs bill going so far as to say if there is not any action on the president's jobs bill by the end of the year's going to buy the entire white house press corps a drink. megyn: a massive raid leading to the arrest of dozens of workers at a plant that makes military helicopters. the bus going down to a boeing
11:06 am
facility. the feds rounding up 37 people for illegal distribution of a prescription drug. all but one of the suspects is an employ your or former employee. we are going to get more details for you momentarily. they served america on the front lines of iraq and afghanistan. now that they are back on u.s. soil, a staggering number of our veterans are unemployed. 19%, to be exact. more than double the national average. in arizona even worse. 80% of veterans returning from service overseas are out of work. now a one-of-a-kind job fair hopes to help them out and the turnout is immense. casey stegall is live in arizona on this one. >> this program called hiring for heros. what a fitting name. heros they are. and frankly as you heard from those numbers, heros having a
11:07 am
difficult time returning home from the battlefield, reintegrating back into society, and finding a job to support their families. and their hoping to secure work at this particular job fair. joining me now is ross tuille n with the u.s. chamber of commerce. this is a one-of-a-kind event. >> the u.s. chamber of commerce is putting on 100 events throughout the country this year. >> reporter: the program itself is one-of-a-kind. it's working. the success is wonderful. >> we have one measure for success. connecting veterans to good jobs. we have had 2,000 jobs already and we are going strong. >> reporter: let's talk about why veterans have such a difficult time finding employment when they come home from work. >> it's a matter of communication. they have amazing skills as leaders and managers. it's the matter of getting that
11:08 am
experience out to the community and employers. >> reporter: how can people find out where the next job fair will be held? >> >> reporter: there are 1,000 urn employed veterans expected to come here in phoenix alone. in addition they are holding seminars f resume writing. interview skills. hopefully some of the people that walk through this door today can leave with a job. back to you. megyn: hopefully you are right. thanks so much for that story. important one, i should say. the governor of north carolina saying congressional elections should be us suspended for a couple of years so that lawmakers can focus on the economic crisis without the bother of a vote hanging over their heads. now she says that was just sarcasm to prove a point. well, earlier her staff said it was hyperbole. others say she claimed she was joking.
11:09 am
we have the audiotape. we'll let you decide after at break. plus peta. some folks think this ad crosses serious lines. we'll show why you they are so angry with the message. we heard tea party members accused of being racist and terroristed, attacked by political leaders all the way up to the white house. the tea party gets its response to respond. >> how many of you can see isrselves suppos of the tea the face of the tea party. are you an cxsgglue s. o.b.? eggland's best eggs. the best in nutrition... justot better. high in vitamins d, e, and b12. plus omega 3's. there's one important ingredient that hasn't changed:
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unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pl w? aghh i've got heartburn in my head. [ male announcer ] stop the madness of treating frequent heartburn. it's simple with prilosec otc. one ll a day. twenty-four hos. zero heartburn. no heartburn in the first place. great. megyn: a fox news alert on the listeria outbreak. federal health officials are issuing warnings that we may not know the full impact for weeks or even months. 18 people are dead. dozens more are sick. the incubation period could be
11:13 am
as long as two months before victims start noticing symptoms. that includes fever, diarrhea, muscle aches. it's especially dangerous for pregnant women because it can lead to miscarriages and deformities. two victims in this outbreak have been pregnant but doctors say their babies are doing fine. we have more information on new fallout from a controversy that triggered a political backlash. governor purdue from north carolina told the crowd congressional elections should be suspended for a couple years so the lawmakers could focus to the economy and not have to worry about reelection. that brought howling criticisms from republicans and raised questions about whether this governor was advocating folks to ignore the constitution. they suggested her comments were
11:14 am
hyperbole. now she has said her point was one of sarcasm. but not everyone is convinced. we obtained the audio of the governor's comments. we'll plate for you and let you decide whether this was meant as hyperbole or sarcasm. take a listen. megyn: republican from north carolina state senate leader phil berger is here to react. you put out a press release saying in light of her support for suspending the next
11:15 am
congressional election, you would like to suspen us -- you d not like to suspend the next gubernatorial election. >> listening to the audiotape it's fairly clear. she was soliciting support for the proposal at end of that. if anything we may need to move up next year's gubernatorial election. megyn: put it in perspective for our audience why her suggestion is rather controversial. >> it basically says that the voters really aren't smart enough to figure things out. it says what we need is some elite group to make decisions for us, and that they will go ahead and make the right decisions for us whether we think they are right or not. it's countser to everything our country stands for. megyn: the former charlotte mayor came out and said the governor should admit she made a mistake and and apologize.
11:16 am
and said and i quote, it's one thing for the governor to suggest we should us extend congressional elections, it's an odd approach for getting the economy moving it's i different thing for the governor to get her staff to cover cup her blatant mistakes by saying she was joking. they didn't say she was joking. it was hyperbole and sarcasm. is there any chance in your minds -- this is a constitutional provision. was she actually advocating us spending the constitution? >> i don't know that anybody can get in her head. but the thing is, she is the governor of the state of north carolina. one of the largest states in the united states. when you hold that position you don't make those kinds of comments and you don't do it even if you are joking or certainly you don't do it in the manner that she did because i didn't hear anybody laughing. >> does it play into a greater narrative? there was a piece online citing
11:17 am
governor purdue's comments. and eight pointed out the former white house budget director came out and said we need to rely on more automatic policies in this country and depoliticized commissions to make more policy decisions give up the grid flock washington. he said we need to make sure political institutions suffering from gridlock are less democratic and that's the only way to get things done. there is the matter of the constitution and the voters who are in part behind the gridlock. a lot of voters want gridlock. they don't want to see anything more get done. >> i don't see how the solution to our problems is less democracy. i see the solution to our problems is more involvement by the people. i think that's what some of the he athletes are concerned about. there are more people interested -- more people involved.
11:18 am
and that just is kind of messy farce they are concerned. megyn: is the mere criticism of governor purdue. one has to wonder if she could possibly have been serious. is the mere criticism of her why we have so much gridlock? now it's a story, the republicans are making something out of it. would there have been a day 20 years ago when people would have shrugged their shoulders and saying it's not following up on? >> the governor has a history of making kinds of off the cuff remarks. the paper this morning had some examples of that. you can see those on my web sit i would say if it's like she had in the past shrug it off.
11:19 am
that's governor purdue. but when she talked about ignoring the constitution, people get sensitive about that sort of thing. there is no denying they are experts in shock marketing. but did peta go too far this time. new questions about whether they crossed the line by targeting the victim of a shark attack. we report, you decide. an allout blitz on personal achievement. a school telling this young football player, he needs to limit the touchdowns. he has gone the out of control. when did it become wrong to say god bless you. we'll introduce out teach more is punishing the students for doing just that and the principal backing him. you. >> a blessing doesn't make sense any more. in the old days when you sneezed they thought you were dispelling
11:20 am
evil spirits out of your body. so they were saying god bless you for getting rid of the spirits. but now today it don't make anya sense. rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. 3/ for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at your nutritional needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery. proper nutrition can help you get back on your feet. three out of four doctors recommend the ensure brand for extra nutrition. ensure clinical strength has revigor and thirteen grams of protein to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. and immune balance to help support your immune system.
11:21 am
ensure clinical strength... helping you to bounce back. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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11:23 am
megyn: animal rights group peta may be experts in shock marketing. but their latest billboard has people so upset they are having a hard time finding anyone to put it up. peta wants to post an image of a shark biting into a severed leg. trace gallagher live with the latest. >> reporter: a 21-year-old man was spearfishing when a bull shark attacked him animalled him pretty good. he bit his leg badly.
11:24 am
listen now quickly to the 9/11 call about this attack. >> reporter: now peta is trying to put up this billboard in the same town where the attack happened. you can see it, great white shark biting into a severed human leg saying "payback is hell, go vegan." they said we should bring up the fact that sharks are not the most dangerous predators on the planet, we are. but they can't find anyone to put the billboard up on anna maria island or any of the nearby cities. one guy said if i see one of those billboards they plan and putting up, i'll burn it down.
11:25 am
now peta's next plan is to go to a neighboring county, closer to st. pete's. a big marketing stunts, we all not, no one is willing to put this thing up. megyn: a dramatic day in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. a doctor selling a jury conrad murray told hem to gather vials next to the bedside and put them in a bag before calling 911 as the singer laid lifeless before him. that's what he was worried about. get the vials and put them in a bag before calling 911. opponents call tea party members just about every name in the book including racist and terrorists. how are they defending themselves? >> how many of you can see yourselves supporters of the tea party? raise your hands. ladies and gentlemen, this is
11:26 am
the face of the tea party. be fu. see? he's taking his vitamins. new one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day, gummies for grown-ups. mushroom smothered beef burgers. hearty chicken and noodle casserole. so easy, you just need campbell's cream of mushroom soup to make them and a hungry family to love them. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. the pioneers. the aviators. building superhighways in an unknown sky. their safety systems built of brain and heart, transforming strange names from tall tales into pictures on postcards home. and the ones who followed them, who skimmed the edge of space, the edge of heaven, the edge of dreams.
11:27 am
and we follow them up there to live by an unbreakable promise, stitched into every uniform of every captain who takes their command: to fly. to serve.
11:28 am
11:29 am
megyn: fox news alert. we are getting new reaction from the obama administration. the pass over a 400-member christian church inch iran has been sentenced to death for refusing to renounce his faith. >> reporter: the white house
11:30 am
called for iran to release the pastor. he's the iranian christian pastor who was born a muslim, converted to christianity and is now sentenced to death. >> the united states condemns the sentence. he has done nothing more than maintain this devout faith. that the iranian authorities would try to force him to renounce that faith violates the religious values they claim to defend. >> reporter: he was sentenced to death under sharia laugh. the supreme court of iran took him off of death row this summer. but a local court reheard the case and sentenced him to death again. he's now awaiting an appeals court chief significance. now the white house is intervening, trying to save this man's life. megyn: incredible story, molly
11:31 am
evennen berg. thank you. the tea party as seen its fair share of attacks and name calling. they have been called racists and terrorists. according to a fox news poll, 16% consider themselves to be part of a tea party movement. but that's not stopping his members from standing their ground. pollster frank luntz who spoke to a group of republican florida voters following last week's debate in orlando. >> not all tea party members are gop. and they are fed up with the name calling against them and they want someone to understand where they stand and how they feel. so we taped it. let's take a look at what tea party members have to say. >> the attacks on the tea party have been vicious. s.o.b.s, terrorists,
11:32 am
anti-american, some strong language. how many of you consider you're receives supporters of the tea party, raise your lands. laidies and gentlemen, this is the face of the tea party. are you terrorists? >> absolutely not. it's repugnant that they cast us in that light. if it was another group of people that we were talking about or liberals they would take it a totally different way. it's unacceptable. >> reporter: why would they call you? >> i don't know. we are americans and we deserve the same right to be represented by the congress and the senators as anybody else. >> reporter: are you an s.o.b.? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: are you sure? >> ask my family. i'm a very balanced person. i think i'm fair and open-minded. i have a right to have my beliefs as much as the liberals do. i think they are more -- more intolerant than they say they are. >> reporter: why do they use
11:33 am
such awful language? >> they are treat will bed. >> one thing i found very disturbing about this administration and some of the people in it is the fact that if you don't agree with them you are the enemy. they are out to get you. they want to take you down. i have never heard of that from people in the administration, any you are elected officials before. that really disturbs me. >> we are the polar opposite of the democratic party and they are afraid of people with lower taxes and smaller government. >> we are not measurable. they don't know how big we are and what impact we'll have in 2012. >> i'm more concerned about the fact that leaders of the republican party are scared of the tea party. i'm not worried about the liberals. i know they are upset with us. >> i think they don't realize we are america. we are americans. we are the working -- most us are working middle class.
11:34 am
i think they just don't get it. i don't know. i don't know why they are afraid of the tea party, but i think they are. >> the tea party hasn't found somebody to be the appealing face of the tea party. >> reporter: you think that's the problem. >> a big part of it. >> look at the 2010 election results. that's it. >> we want accountability. we don't want the same rhetoric. we want to hear answers and we want them to be accountable for not spending our money and giving it away to companies that lose half a billion dollars. >> reporter: i'm going to ask a direct question. but let the chips fall where they may. you say you are american. is this america? there is a single african-american in this group. are there any latinos in this group. there are no latinos in this group. when you look at the tea party support it's very small among african-americans and small among latinos. are you really america.
11:35 am
>> the tea party is open to any american. >> we believe in the principles of the founding fathers and the constitution. we haven't moved. they have. everyone is welcome if they agree with those principles. >> both of my grandparents were i am grants and they worked from the ground up and they were successful. we all have a fair shot. >> my household represents four latino young males and they all consider themselves tea party supporters. >> i was born in the u.k. and i lived here for 22 years. i am an american success story being an immigrant and i feel welcome in the tea party. >> we stand for traditional values and keeping the government out of our lives. >> i think what a lot of people are after he frayed of is that they have created a culture of entitlement and what the tea party stand for is independence and that's frightening. to be free and taking care of yourself requires a growth deal
11:36 am
of responsibility and the other side has been taking care of people for too long. >> you are the one person in this group who doesn't identify with the tea party. you will get your ass kicked. >> i don't think that the tea party is representative of america. i think that you look around. you brought up a good point. there are no african-americans or latinos. that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. it doesn't mean everyone else is evil. it's town say that we are. but it's not if you are looking for a pure example. it's not. >> how do you say if we were truly racist like they say we are we wouldn't even be considering herman cain. i would vote for herman cain in a second. >> reporter: how many of you would consider voting for herman cain. >> reporter: that's significant. the attacks on the tea party are going to continue. and they are probably going to
11:37 am
get more dramatic as time goes on. the attacks in this whole election. everything is becoming more negative. let us hope we can have a discussion about american politics without tearing each other apart. you have agree? back you have to. megyn: have you seen a group attacked as much as an organization as the tea party. only 16% say they want to identify with them. >> reporter: i think the attacks have had some positive impact -- or some negative impact on the tea party. but those people are not going away. they are in this election and they will stay involved. megyn: they don't care about the attacks, it's not that they don't care, they are not going to change their position. >> they are fighting for america. megyn: it's stunning to see the opposition attack them from every turn. every group has some bad apples. these people want limited government. >> reporter: they want to take america back.
11:38 am
your viewers can participate in these focus groups at you are a very popular man. frank luntz, everybody. his bodyguard telling the jury how he was ordered by dr. conrad murray to stash away vials of medicine in an i.v. bag before calling 911. that 911 call and what it means for conrad murray. >> what were the exact words when he had these vials in his hands. >> he said put them in the bag. i have proceeded to get the bag and i opened it and he placed the vial snrks the bag. >> you held the bag oap and he just dropped the vials in there. >> he reached into the bag and
11:39 am
dropped the vials. [ woman ] my grocery bill isn't wasteful spending. [ woman ] my heart medication isn't some political game. [ man ] our retirement isn't a simple budget line item. [ man ] i worked hard. i paid into my medicare. [ man ] and i earned my social security. [ woman ] now, instead of cutting waste and loopholes, washington wants to cut our benefits? that wasn't the agreement. [ male announcer ] join the members of aarp and tell washington to stop cuts to our medicare and social security benefits.
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megyn: chilling testimony from the second person to see michael jackson's lifeless party. day three of dr. conrad murray's manslaughter trial in los angeles. this is a live look inside the courtroom. the director of security took the stand describing the chaotic moments as walked into jackson's bedroom with michael's two young children. how he saw dr. murray doing chest compressions on their father. >> when i came into the room, he says, alberto, hurry, we have to get him to a hospital. we have to get taken ambulance. by was reaching for my known my pocket. is a was doing that, prince and paris came behind me. paris screesmed out, daddy. -- paris screamed out daddy.
11:43 am
>> when you heard paris scream out daddy, was she crying? >> yes, sir. >> and was michael laying on the bed palms up looking slightly to the left at that time? >> yes, he was. >> would he have been looking slightly toward paris' location? >> yes, sir. dr. conrad said don't let them seep their dad like this -- don't let them see their dad like this. i proceeded to turn around to the children and ushered them out. i said kids don't worry. we'll take care of it. everything will be okay. megyn: former prosecutor and cohost of "the five." the prosecution is going methodically through the moments after michael jackson was first
11:44 am
found to try to prove that dr. conrad murray was more worried about cleaning up the scene than he was about saving his patient's life. lis? >> right. why didn't he call 911 first. why did he direct the froap follow and other -- direct the propofol and other drugs be taken out of there. those aren't the actions somebody trying to cover up something would be doing. who cares what drugs are around there if you are not trying to cover up something. megyn: i want to play part of the testimony the prosecution is trying to use. the prosecution says conrad murray was giving michael jackson propofol which is only given in surgery rooms. never should be give up for insomnia without close monitoring. the defense says he gave it to himself. murray left the room, all is well. michael jackson ingests propofol
11:45 am
in some way anodize. this witness, the -- and -- ingests propofol and dies. they are trying to establish he was a patients. let's play the one about the nose tubing on michael jackson. >> the only thing i do recall seeing was oxygen tubing attached to mr. jackson. >> when you said that you said attached i think you put your fingers to your nose? >> correct. >> there was some type of tubing, clear plastic tubing? >> correct. megyn: he testified michael jackson was catheterized. if conrad murray didn't do that, who did? did m.j. do all that. >> this case isn't that difficult to proffer. it's an involuntary manslaughter
11:46 am
showing that conrad murray acted with reckless regard. being a doctor, he has to know the drugs he's administering, it's inappropriate to be doing in the house. the facts that he's giving a drug that should only be administered with an answer ansr anesthesiologist. it don't have to be intentional. the fact that he did it and it could result in death, that's it. megyn: the consciousness of guilt. this is the director of security who walked in on the scene about what murray told him to do with the vial. >> what were the exact words he said when he had these vials in his hand and reaching them out to you. >> he said put these in the bag. i proceeded to get the bag and i opened it and he placed the vials in the bag.
11:47 am
>> you held the bags open and he just drond thhe -- he just drops in there? >> yes, sir. megyn: how devastating is that. >> it's devastate together defense. why would you be trying to cover something like that up if you knew you were guilty and the cops were going to come after you at some points. but i will say two names. casey anthony. i thought that was a great circumstantial case. much of that evidence was about how she reacted. i anticipate the defense to save he reacted in a strange way, but he was under stress. you can't hold that against him. megyn: he was so panicked he did chest compressions the wrong way. the family is there. the parents, the brothers and sisters, they are all in the courtroom. apparently there was an emotional moment where janet had
11:48 am
to reach over and comfort her mother. reach for a tissue. latoya reached over to check on their father and it was in response to the playing of the 911 call. this one here. listen. he's not breathing, sir. but we have a doctor here. so he's not responding to anything. he's not responding to the cpr or anything. the doctor is the on one here. >> the doctor [inaudible] >> did you see what happened, sir? >> i'm just asking, the
11:49 am
paramedics on their way there, sir. >> he's not responding to anything, sir. >> okay, we are on our way. megyn: how does that play when the family sees the family reacting. >> it's powerful. in the cases i tried in that same courthouse. you see the jury, they are taking it in. they are digesting all that. and it's almost impossible to separate it out. what you show is a doctor who is supposed to do no further harm and a save lives was compromising and ultimately his actions took the life of michael jackson. he went into cardiac arrest. if he went into pull theirive arrest. all of it was grossly irresponsible. and his actions and failure to act correctly resulted in michael jackson's death. megyn: he testified, this director of security that conrad murray said hurry, we have to get him to the hospital.
11:50 am
and he believes conrad murray had the best intentions for michael jackson. >> murray when they got medical help never told the doctors about the propofol. megyn: doesn't that -- isn't that because he didn't know michael jackson took it? his theory is michael jackson gave it to himself. >> he contends he murray didn't know about the propofol. megyn: all right, panel. gotta go. we'll stay on this case. coming up next, outrage at a high school. a teacher knocking points off a student's grades for what many consider common courtesy. the students dinged any time they utter one phrase in class. we'll hear from the teacher behind the ban on "god bless y you. [ male announcer ] it's a fact:
11:51 am
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megyn: a high school health teacher under fire for punishing students when somebody says "god bless you" when someone knees. the teacher not afollow jiegs. we have that story from vacaville, california. >> reporter: the health teacher believes it's disrespectful to say "bless you" in this class and he knocked off 25 points from his students' grades for saying it. >> it's not got anything to do with religion. it's got to do with an interruption of class time. >> i think that's ridiculous. first the pledge of allegiance. now preventing a kid from saying bless you. >> reporter: he says it has nothing do with religion. >> the blessing doesn't make any sense anymore.
11:55 am
in the old days they thought you were bestowing evil spirits out of your body so they were saying god bless you for getting rid of the evil spirits. but today what you are doing doesn't make any sense anymore. >> everyone has a right to their own beliefs but they don't have the right to impose those believe on other people. >> he receives he won't hesitate to discipline this students. the principal agrees. >> he realized there are better way to the do that. we don't condone that type of punishment. >> i respect that he is older, but it's all right if other kids say it. megyn: unbelievable. it may not even be an isolated case. a school freshman said a math teacher would throw kids out of class for the day for saying bless you. now when somebody says how are you, say nothing. when somebody starts choke are
11:56 am
you allowed to acknowledge that. 25 points gone, you are out of there. what the -- coming up. a lone wolf born in the united states plotting to use remote control airplanes armed with explosives as we upons of terror against the homeland.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
>>megyn: an 11-year-old football star tackled by his school with there being a limited on how many touchdowns he can school he is that good. every time he towns the ball he scores when a player scores ree touchdowns and the team has a 14-point lead they cannot score again. they are undefeat asked he will run hard and bring the ga to victory but god comes first and grades second. good good for you. >>shepard: the news begins anew, in box one, protest breaking out over


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